My Yoga Essentials

So I’m gonna be honest, I didn’t fully hit the yoga trend until about a year ago, and with that said I’m not sure how I lived without it for the past 20 years. I can honestly say I can’t go a day without getting a practice in.

Yoga for me is a way to relax my mind and body and just remind myself that self love is important. Even if its 10 minutes a day, its SO important to refocus on your daily intentions to improve your quality of life. Now, I’m by no means a professional yogi, but I do have some tips to improve your practice and flow. So grab your mat and get ready to be zen.

Okay, I’ll admit, I am Lulu obsessed, but who isn’t? When I first started practicing I had a 12$ mat from Target that was HORRIBLE. So, I finally splurged and got a Lululemon Mat, and it was probably the best purchase I’ve ever made. If you’re regularly practicing yoga I highly recommend investing in a good mat, you’ll thank me later.

Essential Oil Diffuser

To really get in your zen whether you’re at home or a studio, I love using essential oil diffusers to enhance the room, it makes all the difference.

Lululemon Yoga Towel

So I don’t know about you guys, but when I do yoga I am dripping, like someone just dunked an entire bucket of water on me, yeah, not cute. So to compensate, I always have to have a towel with me. This one from Lululemon is perfect if you’re on the go because its tiny yet it absorbs all the sweat.

alo Yoga The Goddess Legging

As for outfits I love to keep it simple, yet cozy. When I practice I only wear a sports bra and leggings. If I wear anything over my sports bra I just feel too claustrophobic. For my leggings I love any Lululemon legging, (how many times am I going to mention Lululemon in this) and alo yoga leggings.


Finally, you’re gonna need to hydrate during and after your practice, so you might as well invest in a sturdy bottle. My hydroflask goes with me everywhere, and it keeps my drinks cold for hours!

So these are just some of my essentials I need when I do my practice. So grab your mat and get ready to be zen.

xo, P